Office & Workplace Flowers


Flowers have been shown to improve productivity, lift moods and boost creativity in the workplace so why not bring some floral joy to your office or place of work?

Steph Lovell Flowers deliver and arrange flowers in your office/workplace at a frequency to suit you.

Picture this: exquisite bouquets gracing your reception area, vibrant floral displays adorning your meeting rooms, and charming plant arrangements enhancing individual workstations.

Beautiful blooms in the workplace not only reflect a brand’s commitment to a positive, inspiring environment, but they also serve as a subtle yet effective tool to boost staff morale and productivity. The presence of flowers can significantly reduce stress, improve mood, and stimulate creativity. And let’s not forget your valuable customers! Walking into a business space adorned with fresh, aromatic flowers can shape their perception and experience, making them feel valued and appreciated.


Flexible Deliveries

We understand each company and location is unique and has it’s own individual requirements and quirks.

Whether it’s just 1 arrangement for your reception desk or multiple different arrangements and themes for your sprawling workplace, Steph Lovell Flowers can create a package to suit your business.

Hardware to hire or buy

Vases, urns or jars – we’ve got options for any kind of arrangement and display available to either hire or purchase


Prefer Artificial?

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to have real, living flowers in the workplace. We can also offer stunning artificial arrangements too.

We use only the best, highest quality artificial flowers in our arrangements. A great value, safe and allergy free option to living florals.

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